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blue faced monkeyblue faced monkey is just a bit of fun really. Ask the monkey a question to which there's a yes or no answer, press return, then abide by the monkey's response (if you dare).

simple syncsimple sync is an applescript studio application using the unix shell script rsync. Great for backups, etc.

huddyhuddy is a simple Applescript application giving quick access to file and folder colour labels, and icon view zooming (great for quickly viewing folders of pictures, for example). Pop it in the Finder window toolbar for quick and easy access.

cast off calculatorcast off calculator is a Filemaker runtime application for, as the name suggests, calculating cast offs. If you don't know, a cast off is a means of working out how many pages each chapter of a book or publication has, based on the number of words and pictures it contains.

quick highlightquick highlight is a set of applescript applications which provide a shortcut to the file and folder colour labels. You can drop them into your Finder toolbar, for quick access. I know the colour labels are easy enough to get to, but I felt that 2 clicks was too much for this simple process.

remind-o-maticremind-o-matic is a simple alert scheduling programme (made in Applescript Studio), perfect if you've got something you need to remember throughout the day. It can also be used as a timer.

QuickFindQuickFind is a simple internet utility created in Applescript Studio. Basically, it allows you submit the same search query to a number of pre-defined web sites, without having to retype the query, or the additional web site addresses, or copy/paste anything.

Widgets theBookseller.com is an rss reader for the Bookseller magazine (the premier source of news and information for the book trade) • London 2012 is a simple couter widget which lets you know how long it is (exactly) until the London 2012 olympics start. There's also an rss feed from 2012.com. • Macscripter.net rss feed, and Filemaker today rss feed – display the latest postings on the forums of Macscripter.net and Filemakertoday.com, respectively. Download the Leopard versions here, and the Tiger versions here. • Date & time widgets do just what they says on the tin. All require Mac OSX 10.4.7.

Screensavers – I've got a few Quartz Composer files wihich make great screensavers (Tiger and above only): Coloido 1.1 ColobarkubiksplatsImages of Iceland.

Applescripts – I've just finalised 3 new applescripts: a simple local backup routine, useful if you've got an external hard drive; a remote backup routine for storing your important files on your web space (this uses Drop DMG to compress and encrypt your files, then Cyberduck to upload them); and finally a script for businesses with online shops (the applescript automatically logs in to your web site, processes your orders and prints them out). The last one will need to be adapted for your needs, so if you're interested get in touch.

In addition I've written the following little scripts which are available for download:

Unit converter A useful Applescript for your menu bar (if you've got the Script Menu installed, of course), converts a range of Imperial to metric units (and vice versa).

ISBN 10 to 13 – An Applescript which converts ISBN 10 numbers into ISBN 13s, including the check digit.

UPC code check digit calculator – A useful Applescript for calculating the check digit for UPC codes (pretty self explanatory really).

Invisibles – This little applescripts allows you to turn on and off the visibility of ordinarily hidden Systems files and the like.

Force empty trash – I wrote this little applescript because I got fed up of Finder error messages saying that the stuff in my Trash couldn't be deleted because it was still in use (even when it really wasn't). Use carefully – it really will delete everything in your Trash, so don't put anything in there that you want to keep. Note: You'll be prompted for your system password when using this script.

If you'd like to find out more about Applescript you'll find loads of examples and tutorials here: http://macscripter.net/

If you find any of the downloads from this site at all useful, or fun, or whatever, do please consider making a contribution to our efforts. With the exception of the full version of cast off calculator, which only costs 10, they're all free.